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About Us

High Success Rates. Outstanding Results. Happy couples.

Parenthood is a milestone every couple aspires to. However, not every couple can achieve this goal with ease. In all the dilemma and despair, it can be tough to know where to get started. That is where we, at Universal Fertility, come into the picture. From conception to delivering a healthy baby, our highly qualified team of specialists guide you through every step of this rewarding journey. Our mission is to provide a supportive and comfortable environment for our patients. We utilize the latest technology which opens up a path to achieve a healthy and a happy pregnancy. The entire team at Universal Fertility are dedicated, talented, and empathetic to the needs of the patients and are at the top of their field.

Why Choose Universal Srushti Fertility

Universal Srushti Fertility is one of the Best Fertility Center in India lead by Dr Namrathaa, Cheif Fertility Specialist with over 30+ years of experience.

We are very proud to say about our increased success with pre genetic screening method. PGS inhouse made us achieve 80%-85% success in all IVF and ICSI procedures with all chromosomally normal children and no abortion rate.

Fertility Treatments Offered

IVF Treatment in Odisha

An egg is fertilized by the prepared sperm and the fertilized egg is transferred into the uterus. it almost became a household procedure today

ICSI Treatment in Odisha

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a specialised form of IVF used primarily for the treatment of severe cases of male-factor infertility

IUI Treatment in Odisha

A procedure that allows for sperm to be placed directly in the uterus. IUI is a simple procedure done with or without a fertility procedure. Success rate of IUI is 25 %

Surrogacy Treatment in Odisha

Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction procedure where another woman carries a baby of you and your partner if you are unable to sustain a pregnancy

PGS Treatment in Odisha

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) tests an embryo for a variety of chromosomal disorders including sex chromosomes, which are linked to failed pregnancies and genetic disorders

Blastocyst Culture Treatment in Odisha

Blastocyst transfer is a new assisted reproductive technology that has been incorporated within IVF treatment to increase pregnancy rates

TESA / MESA Treatment in Odisha

Obstructive Azospermia / Very Low Sperm Production or Sperm Maturation Arrest / Approaches to Sperm Retrieval From The Testes

PCOS Treatment in Odisha

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that causes enlarged ovaries and formation of cysts. The causes may involve genetics and environmental factors

Cryopreservation Treatment in Odisha

The process of preserving embryos, sperm and eggs by cooling them to very low temperatures. These can be used for subsequent IVF Cycles or pregnancy

Our Team

Dr.Namrathaa MD(OBG)

Fellow in Reproductive Medicine, ART Specialist, Specialist in PGS/PGD, Trained in Genetic Services Spain, Member of ASRM, ESHRE

Dr.Rita DNB (OBG)

Fellow in Reproductive Medicine, ART Specialist

Dr. Ashwini (MBA) Human Resources (Australia) FRM

Human resources and Health Mangement

Why Choose Us

100% correct opinion about your success

Highly experienced fertility specialists will give you a 100% correct opinion and the percentage of success for your specific case, irrespective of whether you conceive or not!

Ethical Practice

We examine the Couple for the cause of infertility, Explaining every procedure to the Couple with their consent. we take care about all the Process.

No Hidden Charges

All the treatments are done with no hidden charges. Cyclical packages are available for the best success. 25% Discount on all treatment.

Advanced Imaging

Advanced 3D Ultrasonography & Colour Doppler Imaging Techniques used in the treatments.

State of The Art PGS Equipment

PGS/PGD Technology to provide Children without genetic abnormalities.

Micro Surgical Procedures

Efficient Laparoscopic tubal micro surgeries for tubal repair.

Acclaimed Team of Doctors

Comprehensive Counselling. Quality Treatment Using Advanced Lab Technology.

High Success Rate

Current Treatment Success Rate 80- 85% in PGS- IVF. 50 to 60% Success rate per month IN IVF /ICSI. Up to 100% success Rate in Surrogacy.

Fertility Preservation

Cryopreservation of sperms, eggs and embryos available. Egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation available with us

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